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Daily use of your PC leaves traces of your activity at unsuspected places of your hard disk. Therefore, anyone with access to your PC and the appropriate knowledge can recover those traces and get access to your private information. ParetoLogic Privacy Controls offers a reasonably good solution to this problem. It scans your entire system looking for activity traces and gets rid of them, keeping your sensitive information away from unwanted access.

One of the key areas this program focuses on is the history information and the tracking cookies left behind by Web browsers. Besides, the program can also detect sensitive information about instant messaging as well as P2P and bit torrent clients use. Media players – such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, and WinAmp – can also be good sources of information about your activities. Finally, there are third-party applications – like e-mail clients, Flash players, toolbars, and many others – that can also store information about your PC usage habits and your personal information. Fortunately, ParetoLogic Privacy Controls can analyze all those areas and shred all the dangerous information found, so that it can no longer be recovered by anyone in any way.

The program offers an intuitive user interface, which is divided into several sections. The Options section, for example, allows you to select which areas you want the program to analyze. The Schedule section, on the other hand, allows you to schedule automatic system scan jobs to be executed at the specified time and on the specified days of the week. And if you are an advanced user, the most interesting section for you will probably be Advanced Shred. It allows you to remove files from your system in a very secure way, so that it's impossible to recover them later. You can select among quick (1 overwrite pass), safe (3 overwrite passes) and thorough (7 overwrite passes) file shredding security levels. Finally, the Scan section is where you can launch manual system scans and see the results.

In conclusion, ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is a practical tool that can help you detect and get rid of dangerous files that can compromise your security and privacy, in a way that makes those files completely unrecoverable.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Intuitive
  • Easy to use
  • Capable of analyzing Internet browsers, P2P clients, e-mail clients, toolbars, and others
  • Offers you three file shredding security levels
  • Allows you to schedule automatic system scans


  • Its trial version only detects suspicious files, but doesn't actually remove them
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